Career Corner: Careers For Microbiologists and Microbiology Related Jobs

There are endless careers for microbiologists with a wide array of interests, skills, and degrees required. As we always say, there is no facet of life not touched by microbes. Being a microbiologist is often being a master of a number of subjects in addition to being a microbiologist. From the health of our pets to our own health to the health of our crops, microbiologists are needed everywhere. There is also a number of career options that revolve around education from high school to being a professor at a research institution to liberal arts or community college. Microbiologists are needed in the industry, the government, and of course academia. From diagnosing diseases to curing the earth of pollution to the food we eat, literally, nothing is out of reach for a microbiologist. No matter what your hobbies are, they can be paired with microbiology. I dare you to prove me wrong in a comment below!  


Whether you are microbe curious or have a Ph.D. in microbiology many career paths can be suited for all levels. On this page, we talk about some of the most prominent career options for microbiologists. Here are some of the top careers for microbiologists: 


1. Biotechnologist / Industry Researchers

2. Clinical Laboratory Scientist / Diagnostics

3. Food Scientists

4. Immunologist / Epidemiologist

5. Astro(micro)biology 

6. Science Communication / Science Writing / Journalist

7. Medical Writer / Academic Editor / Science Publisher / Technical Writer

8. Teaching (All levels and all institutions!)

9. Biosafety 

10.  Quality Control / Quality Assurance

11. Public health and Related Careers 

12. Bioinformatician / Biostatistician / Medical Informaticist 

13.  Academic / Government Research Staff 

14. Medical Science Liaison / Technical Sales Representative / Marketing Specialist

15. Field Application Specialist / Technical Support Specialist / Field Application Specialist / Product development scientist or engineer 

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