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Career Corner: Microbiology and Science Related Fields

There are many exciting opportunities for microbiology careers out there!  Since microbes are everywhere and there are so many important ways they affect our food, our health, our planet, and well, everything, the employment possibilities are vast and will certainly be growing! Being a microbiologist could make you a superhero, after all discoveries and applications of microbiology will continue to have huge impacts and maybe even save the world!

When most people think about jobs in microbiology, they probably think about a scientist wearing a white coat in a lab hunched over a microscope, but there are so many other lucrative and interesting professions for microbiologists.  As a microbiologist, you become a master of a number of subjects and skills in addition to all that science knowledge. This means being a microbiologist puts you on a very flexible career path. Skills like project planning, time management, effective communication, organization, critical thinking and all the things that make you an effective scientist, will serve you well in any occupation.


Whether you are microbe curious or have a Ph.D. in microbiology, many exciting occupations are available at all levels. Join the Microbigals as we help you explore the vast diversity of careers for microbiologists and other microbe-related fields by talking to people who are following their passion and working with microbes for a living. We will also explore other aspects of your calling such as deciding between academia and industry, taking care of your mental health, and mentorshipSo, take your Microbe Moment and use your passion to explore the career options with us - and who knows, you could add hero to your resume!


Guest Post With Us!

Are we missing any microbiology careers you'd like to see? Or do you have expertise in a field not discussed here and you'd like to add a guest post? We'd love to hear from you! Just send us an email to  or message us on social media with the links below. There are many microbiology careers we couldn't possibly cover all but we want to cover all the microbiology careers that are of interest to our community! 

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