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Interview with GIANTmicrobes' President Andrew Klein

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hello Microbigal Nation and welcome to another interview from The Microbe Moment. In this episode, we had the pleasure to talk to Andrew Klein who is the president of GIANTmicrobes. This is a company I've been following for quite some time ever since I first got into microbiology back in 2012. The first plush microbe I got was Vibrio cholera which I names Chloe. GIANTmicrobes does a phenomenal job at creating a fun, yet scientifically accurate, plush microbe for so many occasions!

What is GIANTmicrobes

GIANTmicrobes is a company that makes plush microbes, a million times the actual size! They make science fun and giftable! With over 200 different plush microbes, there is one for every microbe lover in your crew! So whether you are a microbiologist, a student, or just got your COVID-19 vaccine, there is something here for everyone! We wanted to sit down with GIANTmicrobe to see exactly what is behind these plushies.

plush microbe vibrio cholera at the Broad Street pump in London

Find out the story of Andrew Klein and his company, GIANTmicrobes . Find out what his favorite microbe is and what are some of the crowd's favorite plush microbes.

In our current environment of the pandemic, there is not a day that goes by that we are not thinking about microbiology. But it's not all horror stories and dread, microbes are just as dynamic and diverse as we are and GIANTmicrobes aims to educate about the microbial world in a fun way.

The origin of the company stems from the founder Drew Oliver wanting to teach kids that washing their hands was important. From there they've expanded into several new directions in biology including organs! They start with an image and craft the product from there adding colors and eyes to really bring them to life and make them adorable.

I think what GIANTmicrobes really does that is unique is we are really the intersection of science and fun!

~Andrew Klein

What Can You Do With A Plush Microbe?

One of the things I enjoyed the most while talking to Andrew Klein was his passion. You can really hear how much he cares about the product his company produces and the impact that it has. I asked Andrew Klein what GIANTmicrobes' opinion was on the plush microbes being used for educational purposes.

If GIANTmicrobes can help a college student pay attention in a lecture or a 5-year-old learn the importance of washing their hands this makes it all worth it for Andrew Klein.

But this is not enough for GIANTmicrobes. They also have a number of charity partners from charitable organizations that help to eradicate Polio or Malaria or just support vaccines and global public health! When you purchase a Giant Microbe associated with these charities, a portion is donated to one of these organizations!

These plush microbes can be great as gifts! I even bought some for my wedding party! But you can use them as gifts for anyone including a toy or snuggle buddy for your fur babies! Which I have also done!

A picture have some GIANTmicrobes plush microbes

What's Next For GIANTmicrobes?

GIANTmicrobes' newest products include more Lactobacillus species, MERs, and the COVID-19 Vaccine! So once you get your vaccine you can commemorate the occasion with a plush microbe vaccine keychain!

GIANTmicrobes coupon Code

If you'd like to have your own plush microbe from GIANTmicrobes don't forget our discount code: MICROBIGAL20D

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