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Academia Or Industry: How Do Decide?

Updated: Jun 5

In this career corner: Careers for Microbiologists, Microbigal Jon sits down with Senior Scientist Stephen to discuss the differences between working in academia and industry after Ph.D.

Stephen Bolaris, Ph.D. graduated in the winter of 2018 from the University of California Riverside. Since then he's worked as a bioinformatician at BioConsortia and Bio-Rad.

There are a number of careers for microbiologists in every field you can think of. As PhDs, the question of academia or industry is huge! Many PhDs struggle to transition into the industry because they don't have the network and receive poor support from their academic mentors.

This is not an easy decision as oftentimes you can not flop back and forth on a whim. Once the decision is made, it can be very hard to get back on the other path. How did Stephen make his decision? What are the differences between academia and industry?

Stephen is very passionate about giving advice. He encourages you to make the right decision for yourself. But he also wants you to know how he made that decision so you can make the right decision as well.

What's the difference? Why does it matter? Find out in the video below!

What are your thoughts? What path do you want to take or, if you are in one of these fields, what have your experiences been? Let us know by commenting or sending us an email.

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