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SO......What's the Microbe Moment?

It's one of the top 10 microbiology Podcasts!

The Microbe Moment explores the greatest moments in microbiology throughout history! today. We highlight careers in microbiology as well as interview the top scientists in the microbiology field.  4 times a year we bring you a microbiology new update we call DA BOM; Da Best in Microbiology! 

Podcasts are everywhere and are growing in the science communication field. The average person listens to up to 6 different podcast shows! So if you got room for one more biology podcast join us as we discuss The Microbe Moment. In our science podcast, we cycle between 4 major topics so every week you can hear and discover in a slightly different format.


We will discuss famous scientists with a special interest infamous female scientists and BIPOC scientists! We will highlight some of the most exciting and novel news in the world of microbiology. Once a month, we'll bring you interviews with some of the top and rising stars in various fields of microbiology including home-brewing, plant pathology, marine microbiology, immunology, and much much more! Finally, we will share some of our favorite things about microbiology and some deep dives into how microbes work. 

New To Podcasting? 

Not to worry! Getting starting with a podcast is easy. You may already have everything you need on your phone already.  If you have an iPhone you're already halfway there. The odds are you have an app pre-downloaded on your phone called Apple Podcasts. 


Not a fan of Apple? No worries there are dozens of other podcast apps that are free to download including Google Podcasts and Spotify. Many of these apps allow you to download podcast episodes so you can listen in your car as well. When you subscribe to our podcast on any of these platforms the episodes will come automatically to you simple as that!

If you'd like to listen to our latest biology podcast right now click on an episode above! 

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