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DA BOM: The Best Of Microbiology  In The News

Microbiology News | Microbe News | Microbiology Podcast

Hello and welcome to our page on microbial news; these posts mainly deal with the current events in microbiology and the top microbiology news. We eloquently call this segment DA BOM which stands for Da Best Of Microbiology! This is the spot where the Microbigals and our partners put together the best microbiology articles of the month and give them to you in a fast, easily digestible bullet point format.

Do you need more information on any of the topics covered in Da BOM? Not a problem! If you want to learn more about any piece of the microbiology news we share, there are links to the original article located in the post. If you so desire, just click on the hyperlink and gain more knowledge straight from the main source. We make it easy so you can quickly navigate to the original source and get the information you need.

These articles cover a range from scientific papers to fellow bloggers' work to national and local news outlets. We try to bring you a story from the five biggest categories in microbiology. This includes extremophiles or those microbes that can live on the edge, medical microbiology and how it can affect our health, environmental microbiology, marine microbiology, microbial products such as medicine, and food and agriculture microbiology like alternatives to fertilizer. Whatever microbial-inspired news you are looking for it can probably be found here!

Each Da BOM blog focuses on the most current and interesting microbiology news that we can find. However, there is so much news that comes out on a monthly period that we are bound to miss something interesting.  If you have a suggestion or found an article about microbiology that would be perfect for us to feature for the next issue of Da BOM, we would love to hear about it! Just send it to our email at or add it to the suggestions box that is found on our homepage. 

Also, do not forget to check out our Science podcast, The Microbe Moment. On our show, we cover everything from top ten lists in microbiology, to interviews with scientists and other people that work with microbes both professionally and as a hobby, to episodes surrounding a particular microbe. You will also find audio recordings of the top science news featured here. So come on over and fill your earholes with some microbiology knowledge; you will not regret it!

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