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Microbigal's Mission: Find Your Marvelous Microbe Moment!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We want to bring you science stories and news for the microbial enthused. Our mission is to provide fun, creative, reliable, and relevant content to those who are interested in the microbial world by interpreting complex scientific principles into jargon-free and easily digestible content.

We've all been changed by seeing into the unseen world and we have a mission to help others discover their microbe moment!

Finally, Microbigals would like to advocate for sustainability, researchers, health, and education through a microbial lens and promises to be honest, creative, and respectful to all fellow travelers who come upon this content. We hope you will find value in it and continue to learn with us throughout this journey.

We are three dedicated microbe lovers hoping to spread the joy of microbes with the rest of the world.

Our founder, Microbigal Tess Deyett is a Forward-thinking, proactive scientist with a Ph.D. in microbiology, data analysis,  science communication, sustainable agriculture, and scientific writing/publishing. She has been published in 5 different scientific publications.  

Next is Microbigal Julie, while not a scientist by trade, the world of biology, anatomy, and physiology have always fascinated her. She loves hiking and has climbed almost all 48 of NH's 4k footers!

Microbigal Jon holds a Master's in microbiology and is in the biomedical industry. He has worked in the field of microbiology in hospital, academic and industry settings. His work has been published in Cell, one of the top journals in the industry!

Have you found your microbe moment yet?

Tell us in a comment below!

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