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Extremophiles! Do YOU have what it takes to survive as a microbe?!
What is an extremophile? 

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild microbial world? Are you extreme enough? Or perhaps you are just wondering what is an extremophile? Then join Coach Timmy in his course one microbial survival. Microbial survival programs are designed to give you the skills you need to know what is an extremophile, become an extremophile expert, and a lover of extreme environments from deep-sea vents to outer space! Nothing is too inhospitable or off limits in this survival class! 


Don’t fear! Even if you don’t have the genes to survive there’s still a place for you to learn about some key extremophile examples! Perhaps you want to dip your flagella into the field of Astromicrobiology? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to get yourself on the waitlist for Extremophile Survival at the Society of Symbionts.

Extremophile Survival Curriculum 

What is it about the Extremophile survival curriculum that makes it top-notch? We dive into how microbes survive on the earth, and event space, being subjected to, sometimes, some of the most brutal conditions seen. We not only give extremophile examples but our students get to visit extremophiles in real life in the environments they love to really understand what is an extremophile! This can range anywhere from high acidity, temperatures, immense salt environments, lack of water, even the vacuum of space. There are so many different ways to learn and practice extremophile skills. These conditions can sound unbearable, but many different extremophiles call this home and thrive in these inhospitable environments; each of these microbes has adapted unique and smart ways to overcome these, yes even in space where the earth cannot protect you from radiation. 


 All microbes need to survive and protect themselves from others. That is why we also teach the course defensive metabolites. Defensive metabolites is a great class for students to gain confidence and hon real-world skills to protect themselves if they should ever fast any danger. 

Examples of Extremophile Survival Classes With A Star Wars Focus: 

  1. The Bad Batch Of Microbes From Archaea To Bacteriophages

  2. How To Drink Like A Skywalker: Green And Blue Milk Recipe

  3. Alderaanian Wine: The Drink That Makes You Realize That's no moon

  4. Midi-chlorians: The Microbial Symbionts That Help Guide The Jedi

Head Faculty Of The Extremophile Survival Program

And the best extremophile example out there: 

Timmy Tardigrade!







What is an extremophile?

So what is an extremophile anyways? An extremophile is a lover of extremes. They feel perfectly at home in Antarctica or within a volcano. They do not mind the pressures of the deep sea and going to outer space is a nice relaxing vacation to get away from it all. Extremophiles are microbes that redefine humanity’s concept of what is life and where it can grow. They are unique, unknown, and can be the inspiration for science fiction to fantasy but they are a reality.


What are some examples of extremophiles?


Tardigrades, moss piglets, water bears. These are extremophiles that go by 

many names.  Tardigrades can withstand cosmic radiation, devastating dehydration, horrible levels of heat, and catastrophically cold conditions. Tardigrades are so ingrained in our idea of extremophiles surviving the final frontier, they were even a huge part of “Star Trek: Discovery.” What is Timmy Tardigrade's secret to survival? You’ll have to check out his class to find out what makes Tardigrades the top example of extremophiles. 


Extremophiles Examples: the ‘philes’

Some other examples of extremophiles are those that love extreme temperatures. Thermophiles are lovers of heat while psychrophiles are on the opposite end of the spectrum they love all things cold! Barophiles love living their lives under pressure, quite literally! Halophiles have an extreme salt tooth dwelling in the saltiest of places like the red sea or even just the ocean. These microbes are all examples of extremophiles but they are not that different from any of the Society of Symbionts. During the Extremophile survival program, our classes are geared towards teaching compassion to all our microbial brothers and sisters.

picture of a the most well known example of an extremophile : a tardigrade names Timmy

These classes are led by Coach Timmy Tardigrade.  Timmy is a real outdoorsy microbe, a real extremophile that has seen almost all the harsh environments and came back without as much of a sweat, but he may have gone into hibernation 1 or 2 times. Timmy takes a laid-back approach that some may feel lazy, but the students sing his praise and he always keeps them engaged. If you are lucky, he may even tie a lesson into a movie reference or a franchise, which mis enjoyable for even the most diehard sci-fi fans. 


So welcome all to the Extremophile Survival program, by the end even you will be able to go where most extremophiles wouldn’t dare to explore.

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