Julie E. Grubaugh

Senior Application Analyst | Mother of 3 | Avid HIker


While I am not a scientist, the world of biology, anatomy, and physiology have always fascinated me.  I started my college career in 1986 in biology, but ended up in psychology where my favorite classes were Physiological Psychology and Sociology.  It was amazing to me that chemical reactions and biologic processes could affect emotions and behavior.  On the other side, the environmental and social circumstances can play as big a role in a person’s thoughts and actions. 

Nature vs Nurture, what kind of job studies that?  What branch of science?  At the time, I didn’t know and no one around me could tell me.  

Then I started passing my mitochondria (see blog 1) on to 3 awesome kids, two of which are women in science! 

Eventually, I started a career in software which took me around the world as a trainer and project manager in healthcare and hospitality.  I’ve also worked for a behavioral health electronic health record (the closest I’ve come to using my psychology degree, I would be a terrible counselor!)

Today, I configure and optimize software for 2 emergency departments and 3 urgent cares.  

For fun, I love hiking and backpacking and am working on finishing the NH 48 Four Thousand Footers with my dog Talia.  I also ride motorcycles and love to kayak. 

I have always wanted to write and am excited to learn about microbes and share my noobie impressions of the information presented here. There are so many things that we don’t yet understand and the advances being made by new technologies and thinking are quite amazing and I look forward to discovering more about it!