Elizabeth A. Deyett, Ph.D.

Microbiome Analyst | Sustainable Agriculture | Science Writer & Communicator



Forward-thinking, proactive scientist with a strong background in  microbiology, data analysis,  science communication, sustainable agriculture, and scientific writing/publishing resulting in 5 publications. 

Efficient and effective science communicator and project manager resulting in 12 science communication events, 6 oral presentations, and  3 poster presentations.

Passionate individual that thrives in fast-paced multicultural  and detail oriented environments with a unique combination of goal oriented personality and a proven ability to lead, delegate and meet deadlines.


Ph.D. Candidate 


Proficient experience in scientific writing and manuscript preparation as evidenced by 4 first author science journal publications.

High-level project management with experience in microbiome workflow and  data analysis as demonstrated by a multifaceted microbiome research project resulting in 10 scientific presentations.

Strong organizational and collaboration skills managing and mentoring 12+ personnel in a variety of projects including sustainable and molecular techniques resulting in dozens of community outreach events, and 11 awards/grants/fellowships.

Image by Alexander Abero

Graduate Student Association-Office of Sustainability Liaison

Outstanding time management and communication by developing, managing and implementing UCR Green Labs Program, budget and working group resulting in 3 lab certifications in 6 months.

Excellent teamwork and leadership skills demonstrated by serving on 5 university-level committees and management of 5 student-led focus groups. 

Exceptional dependability exemplified by hosting a 7 part panel series featuring 20+ expert panelists and assisting in organizing the ‘Wedges Against Global Hunger in  2050’ conference. 


Deyett, E., Rolshausen, P.E. Endophytic Microbial Assemblage in Grapevine. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 2020. 

Deyett, E., Rolshausen, P.E. Temporal Dynamics of the Sap Microbiome of Grapevine Under High Pierce’s Disease Pressure. Frontiers: Plant Sciences, 2019.

Deyett, E., Pouzoulet, J., Yang, J., Ashworth, V. Castro, C., Roper, M.C., Rolshausen, P.E. Assessment of Pierce’s Disease Susceptibility in Vitis vinifera  Cultivars with Different Pedigrees. Plant Pathology, 2019

Deyett, E., Roper, M.C., Ruegger, Paul, Yang, Jiue-in, Borneman, James, Rolshausen, P.E. Microbial Landscape of the Grapevine Endosphere in the Context of Pierce's Disease. Phytobiomes, 2017.