Jonathan Mitchell

Microbiologist | Traveler | Dog lover


Professional Summary

Jonathan did not start his professional path in life interested in microbiology, it was medicine. He went to school for nursing with his favorite parts being microbe related diseases. This drove him to get a bachelor's in medical microbiology, where his love for microbiology grew, realizing how cool microbes are and how incredibly complex they can be despite their size. 


It was here that Jonathan got a job as a medical technician in a microbiology lab at a hospital. There, he ran tests and identified microbes from patient samples and enjoyed looking at them under the microscope.


After a year, he moved with Tess to California and more or less fell into microbiome research. For almost 5 years he was a lab manager for a professor at UCR and where he designed and ran experiments experiencing all the ups and downs research deals with. He even found the time to get his master's there by going as a part-time student. 


He got his master's and moved to the Boston area where he now works for a pharmaceutical company working on treatments using microbes for intestinal disorders. On top of this, he is a microbigal where is edits, writes blogs, and co-hosts with Tess on their podcast. He is not sure what the future brings, but he hopes that microbes are involved!

Adult Students

Work Experience

Junior Specialist I-II Assistant Specialist 1 at University of California Riverside (2015-2020) 

Microbiology medical technicians at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA (2014-2015)

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room


Master of Science in Microbiology 

University of California Riverside 2019

Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology 

University of New Hampshire 2014

Associate of Science in Nursing 

Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill,MA 2010