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Famous Black Scientists In History That Changed Microbiology

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Good Morning Class!
Good Morning Professor Xi!
Did you know, in the Giant's country they call America, February is the month of Black History Month. So I thought this was a perfect time to pop in this little video about famous black scientists in history that change the giant's view on us. After the video we will discuss in a little more detail and then for next class each of you will give a report on the life and legacy of these important microbiologists! Oh I am so excited! Let's begin!

The Black Microbiologists Association

If you are looking to support Black Microbiologists or are a black microbiologist looking for a community check out The Black Microbiologists Association. They aim to amplify Black scientists in microbiology and create a community among them. They host a black in Micro Week in September. Find out more here!

Black Male Scientists That Impacted Microbiology

We've all heard of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Jon Snow. And of course, by now you all know about the great Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch since we just had everyone's reports on Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch's experiments. These are the famous scientists even the giants like to focus on in their microbiology 101 courses. But, just like every aspect of the giants' curriculum, there are so many minorities and women scientists overlooked.

So let's discuss broadly what we just watched in the video, The Famous Black scientists of Microbiology.

Each one is a pioneer in their own way. For instance, Onesimus was a black slave who taught colonial Americans about variolation the precursor to vaccines! William Augustus Hinton became the first Black professor at Harvard and made major strides in the world of Syphillis Diagnostics. In addition, he was the first Black scientist to become a member of the American Society of Microbiology! He also was the father of another person that made the list Jane Hinton!

Black Female Scientists That Focused On Microbiology

And we haven't forgotten about the ladies! Black female microbiologists did everything from inventing one of the most important media types to being the source of immortal cell lines!

They made strides in agriculture and environmental sciences too. Jessie Isabelle Price became a prominent duck doctor developing not one but 2 vaccines that significantly helped the poultry industry, making chicken products more affordable for Americans.

And of course, we will also discuss the numerous achievements of Dr. Ruth Ella Moore. She was not only a fashionista who made her own clothes but also the first Black woman to earn a Ph.D. in the natural sciences!

Black Scientists In History

These Black Scientists in history were more than just pioneers of their time, a time where they faced discrimination and hostility for the color of their skin. Dr. Hinton may have been an ASM member but he never went to conferences for fear if his white colleagues knew the color of his skin they would discredit his work. There are many things to fear in this world but this should not be one of them.

The Black scientists in history and today are still struggling to be acknowledged. In the giants' world, Black microbiologists are still pushing for the visibility they deserve.

We are the giants' so bad at acknowledging diversity? Seems pretty simple to just give credit where it is due...
Right you are Anna, and quite frankly, I really don't understand it myself. It's a great enigma of the giants. One the Society of Symbionts may never understand.

They made so many sacrifices in their lives, and their determination is inspirational. Black Microbiologists deserve recognition in our world and in the giants' world whether they are black scientists in history or of today.

In these famous black scientists' lives "equality" was rarely expected.

Today "equality" is written into the giants' lives. They preach all the time that they are the land of equality and the free but this is simply not true.

Equality should be expected but rarely is it granted. These black scientists in history and of today made such great contributions despite the limitations and widespread racism. How much more could they have achieved without having to navigate these barriers?

How much closer would the giants be to understanding our world if only they learned to listen, accept, support, and empower their own kind regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity? Think about that as you write your reports next week! The sign-up sheet is at the front of the class. Please sign up before you leave today.

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