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Welcome To The Society Of Symbionts

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Welcome to the Society of Symbionts the place that, for over 200 years, has been the finest institution in microbial education. We are certain with our expert faculty and international student base you will feel welcomed and inspired throughout your time at the society. Let our classrooms help you discover your passions.

Drawing The Society Of Symbionts Main Campus Building made of Biofilm!

The Society of Symbionts offers over 50+ fields of study, taught by our dedicated and world-class faculty. From highly interactive classes to internships and research, The Society of Symbionts offers everything you need to find your focus and passions in life.

Society of Symbionts Mission statement
Artist Credit : Celia Xi

Our Mission

In 1870, germ theory was officially accepted and dark days fell on microbes. We were villainized by our giant neighbors and all our useful and beneficial attributes were cast into shadows. Our founders knew then that we must fight back with peace, commitment, and advocacy. Our mission is to train the next generation of microbial advocates to love, care and share our benefits with mankind. We also aim to guide humans to new discoveries of our worth and function, to help stop the war on microbes, and start promoting a more enduring and friendly relationship with our giant neighbors.

Teaching at the Society of Symbionts
Artist Credit : Celia Xi

Majors, Minors & Programs

History Of Humans

Nutrition 101

Working as a gut

Criminology & Pathogenesis


Strategic Planning of Symbiosis

Material Engineering

Microbiology A-Z

Training The Immune System

Decomposition & Sustainability

Microbial Gastronomy

Criminology & Pathogenesis

The Art of Manipulation

Reproduction & Replication

Starting a Symbioses

Metabolism and Nutrition

Fermentation and Food

Understanding Human Interactions

Fermented Foods

Working as a Gut

Survival 101

Self Defense

History of Modern Medicine

Professors at the Society of Symbionts
Artist Credit : Celia Xi

Learn to Make A Difference From Our World-Class Faculty

Professor Xi Psychrobacter

Professor Xi Psychrobacter was a long-time symbiont of the Giant Panda Basi, but once his host died he came to The Society of Symbionts and loves teaching the next generation of beneficial microbes. Professor Xi specializes in "Human History" and "Starting a Symbiosis."

Coach Timmy Tardigrade

In addition to coaching the swimming team, this moss piglet enjoys the outdoors often taking his students on extreme field trips to hydrothermal vents, deep-sea excursions, and the occasional space travel. His carefree and stress-free attitude towards life is the envy of the school and often is the reason why his students come back alive from their adventures. His major classes include "Survival 101", "Defensive Metabolites", and "Astronomy."

Dr. Myco Rhiza

Dr. Myco Rhiza grew up under The Mother Tree in the Great Forest where she and her sisters help The Great Mother Tree bring life and warmth into the Earth. When she's not teaching Dr. Myco Rhiza enjoys kitting mycelia and hyphae and gardening (especially mushrooms and other fungal friends). Although she teaches several classes at the Society Of Symbionts, her favorites are "Networking 101" and "Decomposition & Sustainability."

Chef Ferme Brewer

While sometimes incoherent, there is nothing to be misunderstood by Chef Ferme Brewer's exquisite meals. Growing up in Egypt and having traveled all over the world, Chef Ferme Brewer's pallette can not be contested. He's an avid homebrewer and self-proclaimed health nut. His top courses include: "Nutrition 101", "Working as a gut", and "Microbial Gastronomy."

Visiting Scholar Beck LaFarge

Meet Becky LaFarge; sentenced to a lifetime of teaching medical microbiology at the society of symbionts. A convicted microbial serial killer with a sick twisted sense of humor that keeps her classes light and entertaining. Her courses have a proclivity for the macabre teaching classes such as "The Art Of Manipulating Your Host", "Criminology & Pathogenesis", and "History of Modern Medicine." As a recovering bacteriophage, she occasionally has urges to eat her students, but with the watchful eyes of our probation officer students are generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Headmistress Ms. Ecoli

Our fearless and kind headmistress Ms. Ecoli makes sure the school is run in tip-top shape. While sometimes stern, she is also extremely passionate in ensuring every student finds their microbe moment. Although I would not cross her if I were you; she can spot mischief from anywhere on campus! When she is not wrapped up in administrative work and 1-on-1 meetings with students she teaching introductory courses like "Micoribology A-Z", "Material Engineering", and "Reproduction & Replication."

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