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Welcome To Microbigals

Science, Stories and News For The Microbe Enthused
Science podcast and blog

Microbigal's Mission


Bringing you science stories and news for the microbial enthused! Our mission is to provide fun, creative, reliable, and relevant content to those who are interested in the microbial world by interpreting complex scientific principles into jargon-free and easily digestible content.

We are three dedicated microbe lovers hoping to spread the joy of microbes with the rest of the world through our biology podcast and blog. Welcome to The Microbigal Nation and we hope to help you find your MICROBE moment!

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Twitter: @microbigals

Instagram: @microbigals
Facebook: @microbigals
YouTube: @microbigals

Who Are The Microbigal's? 

Tess, Julie, and Jon are microbial-obsessed researchers with 6 microbiology-related degrees between them. Tess earned her Ph.D. on the west coast in bioinformatics researching soil and plant microbiomes and now works at a Boston-based company working on elegant solutions to waste remediation with biology and microbes. Jon studies human microbiomes and works at a pharmaceutical company on the east coast. Julie is an avid outdoors woman and enjoys exploring the joys of the natural microbes in soil including that of the beautiful New England Mushrooms.


Together they are Microbigals splicing sci-fi and science and giving you science stories and news for the microbial enthused! From our biology podcast and blog posts to fungal recipes to escape rooms, the team tries to find fun and creative ways to connect the microbial world with your world and help you discover your own unique microbe moment! 


So who are the Microbigals?

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