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Our Mission


We want to bring you science stories and news for the microbial enthused. Our mission is to provide fun, creative, reliable, and relevant content to those who are interested in the microbial world by interpreting complex scientific principles into jargon-free and easily digestible content.


We've all been changed by seeing into the unseen world and we have a mission to help others discover their microbe moment!


Finally, Microbigals would like to advocate for sustainability, researchers, health, and education through a microbial lens and promises to be honest, creative, and respectful to all fellow travelers who come upon this content. We hope you will find value in it and continue to learn with us throughout this journey.


We are three dedicated microbe lovers hoping to spread the joy of microbes with the rest of the world. Welcome to The Microbigal Nation and we hope to help you find your MICROBE moment!

Our Top Posts


Society Of Symbionts

Training the next generation of microbes to love, care, and share the benefits of microbes with mankind

Welcome to the Society Of Symbionts, the finest institution for microbial education. Our world-class faculty will help each microbe discover his or her unique passion and ready you for the world. So whether you are bound to becoming a symbiont of man, a beneficial microbe of plants, or help the environment we have a major for you. Let our classroom inspire your future.


Microbiology In The new News

Connecting you with the best microbiology articles on bacteria, fungi and viruses. Including articles from environmental, medical, marine and food microbiology. Everything you need to know to stay up to date with microbiology in the news with our segment DA BOM (The best of microbiology)

Human Microbes

How have microbes impacted our society? Who are the historical figures that microbiologists are still following today? What horrors lie in the history of microbiology and what accidents led to medical revolutions?

Here we discuss how microbes have shaped our history from syphilis to penicillin

Famous Scientists Of Microbiology

Who are the famous scientists of microbiology? We'll dive into this as well as discuss some lesser-known famous female scientists. Don't forget to check our Black Lives Matter In Microbiology Series to learn about some prominent yet often forgotten scientists in microbiology. 

Fun, Food, and Games

Check this out for interactive games like virtual escape rooms. Feeling hungry? We have some fungal feast recipes for you to try like truffle popcorn, mushroom recipes, and how to make Chaga tea! Join us for a cocktail hour by trying one of our microbe-inspired drink recipes and learn a little bit about fermentation of alcohol along the way!

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