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Are you infatuated with microbes or looking to learn about the earth's tiniest organisms?  Or are you still asking yourself 'Are bacteria harmful'?  Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Learn the latest in microbiology news in our segment DA BOM. 
We hope to show you the world through a microbial lens.  From lively discussions on human microbes from pathogens like syphilis to symbionts like Lactobacillus.

We dive into the role microbes play in agriculture. And we are nothing but fungal foodies ourselves! We'd love to share with you the wonderful world of microbes that lie in your food from mushroom recipes to kombucha reviews.  

Taste the world of microbiology through our microbes in the food segment featuring fungi foods, and bacteria from food from kombucha and mead to salads and wine.

Play with your friends on our interactive games like our virtual escape room where you have to make a vaccine in order to escape! And check out our resources page for other fun activities as well.

Too busy or always on the go? Then take us with you and listen to our science podcast: The Microbe Moment with The Microbigals to learn about everything microscopic.

We hope you have fun with us and we continue to learn together more about the microscopic world and the famous scientists who made microbiology what it is today. 
Welcome to The Microbigal Nation and we hope to help you find your MICROBE moment!

Microbiology In The new News

Connecting you with the best microbiology articles on bacteria, fungi and viruses. Including articles from environmental, medical, marine and food microbiology. Everything you need to know to stay up to date with microbiology in the news with our segment DA BOM (The best of microbiology)

Human Microbes

How have microbes impacted our society? Who are the historical figures that microbiologists are still following today? What horrors lie in the history of microbiology and what accidents led to medical revolutions?

Famous Scientists Of Microbiology

Are scientists all ivory tower elites biting their thumbs at the commoners below? No, sirs, they do not bite their thumbs at you....but they do bite their thumbs. Get to know some of the best microbiologist and famous scientist of today and yesterday. Learn about their microbe moment and discover your own. 

Fun, Food, and Games

Check this out for interactive games like virtual escape rooms. Feeling hungry? We have some fungal feast recipes for you to try like truffle popcorn, mushroom recipes and how to make chaga tea! Join us for cocktail hour by trying one of our microbe inspired drink recipes and learn a little bit about fermentation of alcohol along the way!

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