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Tess, Ph.D. was changed forever with her first glimpse into the unseen world. When she started her first microbiology class she became instantly hooked, love at first sight some would say, and she was astounded that for the majority of her life she never knew about microbes before, or only knew of them as germs and sickness. 


She devoted the next decade of her life to learning everything she could about the microbial world, eventually getting a Ph.D. focusing on analyzing the microbiome, or all of the microorganisms of an area, of crops. Once the pandemic of 2020 sabotages any ability for the rest of the world to see microbes the way she sees, Tess decided it was time to launch microbigals, aiming to make science accessible to the public and show that microbes are not only good but beneficial. 

She aims to show the world everyone has a microbe moment, a unique moment where microbes changed each person’s life for the better. With a little background in the microbial world, Tess believes she can help anyone find their microbe moment. 

To help her on this journey she recruited her mom, Microbigal Julie, and her fiance, Microbigal Jonathan. Microbigal Julie comes from a non-science background but finds her microbe moment every time she explores the great outdoors. She’s becoming quite the amateur fungal photographer and enjoys learning what is going on in the soil below her feet as she climbs the mountains of NH. Microbigal Jon has had many microbe moments throughout his 3 degrees in health care and microbiology. He is fascinated by medical microbiology and is currently working on a team for a pharmaceutical company trying to develop a therapeutic using microbes to treat intestinal disorders.


Together, Tess, Julie, and Jon make up the first wave of Microbigals. One in agriculture, one in the great outdoors, one in medicine, and all aiming to help you find your microbe moment. 

So what is a microbigal? It’s a play on the words “microbial” which is an adjective meaning relating to microorganisms. Gal is of course slang for girls but like ‘guys’ the male equivalent, we’ve decided gal can be used to be talking about any group of people, as in it is gender-neutral. 


How to say Microbigals? 


Anyone can become a microbigal just join the mailing list and let us know what your microbe moment is! 





Our Purpose

Our blog launched in May of 2020 with the goal of providing science communication using fun, creative, and interactive science stories and news for the microbe enthused. We are really fond of microbes from extremophiles, to medicine, to agriculture and food, to the great outdoors and the oceans. We really care about giving you the best microbial facts that are entertaining by posting blogs, videos, interviews, podcasts, and tutorials. Our goal is to show the world that microbes are good and beneficial and everyone has their own microbe moment. You'll now your microbe moment when microbes change your life for the better forever! We hope we can help you find yours!