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Microbigal's Virtual Escape Room: Bloodsucker Breakout!!

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Virtual Escape Room: Blood Sucker Breakout!

Hello and welcome to the first-ever Microbigals ( and Smelliums Candle Emporium virtual escape room! The doctor isn't in, but something else is....can you find the cure and escape?

Virtual Escape Room

The Year is 1986, you just got your first bookshelf for your new place. “Assembly required” you read rolling your eyes to go get the tool kit. Dumping out the screws and nails you match them to the instruction diagram. “How hard can it be” your shrug before you start. After a few hours, you realize it can be REALLY hard.

You're just about there when AHHHHHHH!!!!!

The bookshelf topples over, crashing you and pinning you to the floor.

Should have just spent the money on real furniture. You think as you blackout...

*Blink* *Blink*. Your vision is blurry. You hear a constant and rhythmic beeping. A heart monitor? A hospital? But who brought you here?

*Blink - Blink* the room finally comes into view, but there are no people. Shouldn’t there be a nurse, a doctor….other patients? Shouldn’t you hear something other than your own heart monitor?!?


Hello and welcome to the first-ever Microbigals ( and Smelliums Candle Emporium virtual escape room! First, we would like to thank you for playing! During these stressful times, we were hoping to add some relief and fun while you are all safely social distancing at home... Believe me, we know how boring it can get at home but we hope you will find joy and entertainment in this little game.

****This game is to be used for entertainment purposes only and not to be copied for your professional escape rooms. ***

However, if you want one similar, we do that for a living! (Contact information below.) This game is also pure fantasy and make-believe, although all of the science in this game is based on reality! The fictional bacteria was created by us, but is in-fact fictional, and has nothing to do with current situations that are going on in the world. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to educate and entertain you! This adventure takes you to a hospital setting in the 80's similar to some of the great horror movies of that time, which we were very inspired by!


We hope you enjoy our game! We encourage you to time yourself and challenge your friends! But most importantly NO CHEATING! If you have played please do not spoil it for others.

We would like to thank the following people for volunteering their time. Without them this escape room would not be possible:

Jonathan Mitchell

Alex Tuttle

Don Deich "Vlad"

As we said before you can hire us for science or escape room activities! Please reach out!

If you're ready for Bloodsucker Breakout, go get your lab coat and click next to begin!

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