Human Microbes : Microbes Modifying Mankind 

How do microbes impact your life? Can they control your mind, your love life, your behavior? Can they make you more youthful or make you age faster? We go beyond just the impact of diseases in this segment, this is a holistic view of human microbes and microbes modifying mankind.

Your gut bacteria can say a lot about you. Scientists are currently linking several human microbes to not only disease but to preventing disease as well. What you eat, your genetics, where you live, and even whom you've interacted with can change your microbiome. In this segment of Microbigals we explain some of these factors and some of the microbes that have severely impacted human history and our current human microbiomes. We will discuss not only pathogens and major moments in history that shaped our current relationship with microbes but also highlight some current research in the microbial world. From your gut microbiome to your skin microbiome we highlight it all and hope to shed some answers to your top medical microbiology questions like what are the top bacterial infections? What is the difference between bacteria and viruses? What does it mean when a microbe is resistant to an antibiotic and what does that mean for our future? We will break down molecular biological issues into something that is easy to understand and something you can relate to.  If you have a topic you would like us to cover that involves medical microbiology, gut bacteria, or human microbiomes please connect with us and let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or send us a Gmail!