Microbes In Food, Bacteria From Food, and Fungi Feasts!

Microbes in Food | Fungi Foods | Fermented Foods and Drinks

Looking for what role microbes in food play? Or what fungi foods exist? Or maybe you are just looking for a tasty recipe featuring some fungal friends. We have a plethora of recipes in reviews on all things fungi and microbes in food. 

This one is definitely for the foodies! From the well-known microbial products of beer and wine to the lesser-known fermented foods of chocolate and coffee to the highly diverse world of cheese, microbes make some of the most delectable foods we know. But how do microbes make them? How do we manipulate microbes to make ever-better foods?  Are Fermented foods good for you? What strange foods are we combining with microbes (see our post on mushroom coffee, mushroom popcorn, and mushroom tea)? These questions and so much more you will find in this slice of the internet! From recipes to interviews with experts to fund activities this section is your go-to place to become a microbe foodie!